Are Database Recovery Services Expensive?

In a word – sometimes.

database recovery servicesData Recovery Services can be expensive due to the need of any number of procedures and resources. Every case of data loss requires a different way of recovering the data.

Many data loss cases are caused by the mechanical failure of a hard drive or a server. For instance, the media damage will require a replacement of these damaged parts of the equipment. This automatically increases the amount one has to pay for the data recovery. The cost of each part accumulates and accounts for the expensive cost of data recovery.

The price of the service also depends on the extent of data loss and the damage of the equipment. When the drive does not have damage, the process of recovering the data will only include formatting the drive, deleting and restoring the files. This is less expensive than having to recover data from hard drive that has system area or firmware issues. The most expensive case usually includes a hard drive that has physical damage. When this happens, there is a need for cleanroom work and replacement of the parts of the drive. The time spent for repairing the drive is also longer compared to other cases of data recovery.

If the recovery involves RAID recovery and multiple drive boxes, the client has to expect more expensive data recovery costs. These cases can even cost twice the single hard drive recovery fees.

Different companies have varying prices regarding their database recovery services. However, it is necessary to choose the company with technical expertise and not just one who is good at marketing its products. Therefore, do not be easily attracted to data recovery prices that seem to be too good to be true. It is better to spend more and get more efficient service for the data recovery.

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